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Functional Health Team

Functional Health Team serves clients who have concerns about their family health history and developments in their own health.  They want to protect themselves from known family conditions and prevent other developing conditions that they are unaware of because they don’t want these things to take away their quality of life.


One thing that our clients don’t know originally, but are relieved to find out, is that they can most often control the onset of these health concerns so that they don’t ultimately happen or at the very least are mild and easily manageable.


They can do this via epigenetics. Have you heard of epigenetics? It basically says that by controlling our environment, we can control how our genetics express themselves.


The one thing that doesn’t change in this world is that everything changes … change it is inevitable. Our body is designed to adapt continually. We are trained to think of this as ‘getting sick’ (developing symptoms) and ‘getting healthy’ (healing). Once we know exactly where we stand today and we know where you want to be in the future, we then have a direction and a path to establish actions.


Unfortunately, traditional medicine falls short. It is designed to keep you alive, not to help you thrive.


So, if traditional medicine is not the answer, what is?  What are your options?


That’s where we come in….


By asking deeper, more meaningful questions than a traditional medical doctor we develop our understanding of where you are today. Then your health team assists in creating a plan to control your environment, helping you understand how to take it one step and change one thing at a time, ends up directing your adaptation or change the way you want it to go. When we have helped you make enough positive changes, your body reaches a ‘critical mass’ and gets ‘healthy.’ It’s a very empowering process, to understand how to take control and influence your health on your own.

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