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Fun & Sun Water Sports Club, Inc

We're friends that shred!

Over the past 40 years, Fun & Sun Water Sports Club has been a summer home for the water sport community across the entire Bay Area.  We hold events from May through October in the warm, freshwaters of the CA Delta and nearby lakes.  Whether you're jumping wake to wake, doing a 360 on a surfboard, or you've never been behind a boat before, you are invited! 



Our club is committed to:

Fostering friendship and fun on the water.
Improving our watersport skills, and encouraging each other in that pursuit.
Welcoming those who are new to the sport, area, and/or the club



Our events are a blast!!

Our events are set up to be fun for all levels. Cost covers riding, gas, camping, and gear. Boat owners - you get a crew and your gas covered!  Riders - you get to be on a boat!

We have 10 events throughout the summer, based out of Orwood Resort (Brentwood, CA) and Lake McClure. Some are focused on riding as much as possible, others mix in more of a party. Join us and see what we're all about!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events