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Fright Entertainment


Colorado's LARGEST outdoor Haunted Attractions venue in Parker, CO
$30.00 gets you into all 3 haunted attractions! PLUS all new no ticket needed Fright Zone!




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There is something dark lurking in the woods and cornfields at FRIGHT ACRES. For decades there have been reports of strange happenings. People say they hear sounds, like those of a scythe reaping the corn. You might catch the glimpse of an ominous shadow, swiftly moving through the woods and fields, as if floating above the ground. Many people who have entered the corn or woods at night have gone missing... Will you dare to enter? FRIGHT ACRES is premiering in Parker, CO. We are Colorado's LARGEST outdoor Haunted Attractions venue. Located on Flat Acres Farm. We have 3 completely separate Haunted Attractions and an all new 4th ticket free FRIGHT ZONE!


- Reapers Hollow  -


As you approach the mausoleum, your heart rate starts to increase. There is light creeping through the door. Someone or something is lurking in there. As you get closer it feels as if your world is closing in around you and you are being forced towards the door. Will you be brave enough to enter and survive the half mile trek through the corn?


- Dead End Motel  -


While visiting Reapers Hollow come stay at the recently renovated and modernized, family owned and operated Dead End Motel. Our unique staff can attend to any of your requests to make your stay dreadfully entertaining. We hope you stay with us and your experience is a memorable one!


- Goblins Grove  -


Those who dare to hike back to the old woods behind the Dead End Motel may never come back! There have been many gruesome tales about Goblins Grove. Everyone who enters either comes out possessed or has never returned! Goblins are grotesque creatures who live in the dark, they are extremely mischievous and love to terrorize. Beware! Will you survive the Goblins Grove?




$30.00 - General Admission $45.00 - Fast Pass




Cash or credit accepted


No refunds




Located across the street from Target and WalMart in Parker


Flat Acres Farm


11321 Dransfeldt Road


Parker, CO 80134


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