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Friends of the White Horse Inn

What is Reveal?

Overall Mission:
Based in New York City, Reveal celebrates beauty and dignity for women recovering from domestic abuse and sex exploitation through the universal theme of every woman, which is to feel beautiful, loved, chosen and dignified just as they are and with no strings attached.
Our Strategy: To provide a modern day Cinderella-like experiences through its Valentine’s Day Ultimate Makeover and Monthly Self-Care Program by collaborating with local shelters and organizations to reinforce the healing process.
How We Began: Founded in 2006, Reveal was started by passionate people interested in leveraging the
community’s gifts and talents in fashion and beauty for women trapped in the sex trade industry.
Who We Serve: Reveal partners with local shelters and organizations that have rescued women recovering from domestic violence and sex trafficking. Our first year, Reveal helped 10 women. Today, Reveal's clientele now includes over 200+ women.
Why Reveal Is Important: Through professional and structured counseling programs, true recovery may be drawn from these tangible self-esteem building experiences.

To learn more about Reveal NYC, visit

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