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Friends of IVC

International Village Clinic (IVC) is dedicated to bringing health and medical services to the poor villages of India. Before IVC was founded, there were no basic medical facilities in the villages near its eventual location in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. An effective vaccination program did not exist. With the nearest hospital 50 miles away and poor road conditions, it took villagers at least half a day to get medical care. Fewer than 5% of the villagers can afford to pay a city doctor's fee. As a result, most patients depend upon unqualified practitioners, which are many in these villages. IVC began making changes when it opened its doors in 2002.

IVC relies on a network of volunteers to help it organize events and raise funds in the United States. We're the Friends of IVC and it's a privelege to help this wonderful project as it makes its impact on the people of Uttar Pradesh.

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