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We all know the art world can be a cold, hard place. It can be difficult to see beyond the hype and high prices touted in the media, especially when considering the money machine and feeding frenzy every “big” art fair week, as in New York and Miami, has become.

But one man hopes to turn this ponderous tide by thinking – small! When Eric Ginsburg founded Fridge Art Fair (yes, the name is a play on Frieze) in 2013, in tiny Gallery OneTwentyEight on the Lower East Side, he sent out a challenging call for exhibitors -- “Can you fit into the Fridge?” They did... and answered the call again when Fridge’s winter fair, dubbed “The Miami Popsicle Project,” made its December debut in Brickell.

While most fairs are founded by dealers, Eric is a young artist whose work is beginning to get recognition at the highest levels of the art world. So why an art fair? “Karma.” The seed of Fridge came from an earlier exhibition project that did not go as well as he had wished, he explains, adding, “And of course for the fun.” Fridge, like everything Eric, is a highly personal creation infused with his energy and personality.

With the Fair returning to New York May 8-11 -- this time sponsored by Plaxall in Long Island City after being displaced by the March 31st closure of Angel Orensanz Center -- he has named this edition “The Ice Cream Sundae Project,” because “”the art world can be so stiff!” “People should not be afraid to go and see art, and it should not cost a fortune. Let’s have fun, life is short!”

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