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Freethinkers For Global Liberation

Jawara King Publishing Group, Jawara King Enterprises, Jawara King International, Freethinkers For Global Liberation

Spiritual Counseling, Personal Life Coaching, Inspiration & Motivation!


Spiritual Counseling sees the individual as a 
student/master (of his/her own path) vs. a client or 
Spiritual counseling is for anyone who wants to 
understand more about the unseen factors (powers) 
working (creating) in their experience (lives). This type 
of counseling helps the student/master have another 
understanding of life from a spiritual perspective. 
The spiritual perspective comes from the point of view 
that what is happening in your life, now, is a result of the 
unseen world. (Your thinking/feeling/beliefs and others) 
It offers the idea that we each are Co-Creators in this 
experience and we are more powerful than we have 
known ourselves to be.

 What We Offer:

religion and spirituality, self-transformation & affirmation advice, personal life coach, personal/career coaching services, simplistic minimalist living, spiritual talks, thought power, motivation consulting services, spiritual counseling, nonfiction books, self help organizations, professional speakers (people)


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