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Freddys Bar and Backroom

FREE LIVE MUSIC NIGHTLY-{} Drinks noon til 4am. Food noon til 2am. 365 days a year. The famous Freddy's Bar is both iconic and completely unique. A Brooklyn staple nestled in the South Slope, who boasts both cult celebrity and a history stretching back to Prohibition. Freddy’s, with it's trademark comfortable and casual flavor is friendly and endlessly interesting. The Frontroom is anchored by an impressive, antique red Mahogany bar, carved booths and captains bar stools, The room features a wide draft beer selection, a Backyard with free barbecues, soft-ball sized African Albino Water Frogs in the recessed fish tank , as well as a cat you can't out drink. The comfortable and soundproofed Backroom at Freddy's offers world class free live music & events nightly. Freddy's was recently voted one of the 11 Best Small Music Venues in NYC by Gotham. Their famous videos by co-owner Donald O'Finn are abundant. The bar sports a state of the art projection system in both the Back-Room performance space & the Bar's outside wall. The Kitchen (open from noon to 2am) features "Pan-Brooklyn"... a freddy's-esque conglomeration of various "Big-Bites" and "Little Bites", including Tater-tots, Pigs in a Blanket, Quesadillas, Burgers & Melts, Veggie specials,, Wings, Crab Rangoon and B.L.A.T.s.  Esquire Magazine: Freddy's voted ESQUIRE'S BEST BARS IN AMERICA. Time Out NY: "It's possible that Freddy's is as near a perfect saloon experience as you'll ever encounter." "This is the perfect neighborhood bar." Wall Street Journal: "The inmates are running the asylum...The bar is owned by the staff and built by the regulars..." New York Magazine: "Greatness lies behind these doors." (Best Of) "The great Freddy's...seems to sizzle with life." L Magazine: "...hub for artists, thinkers, performers...a great place to get drunk...Brooklyn's most eclectic, smarty-pants and resilient bar." NY Times. Scoop: "... much-loved ...wonderfully odd and charming." Village Voice: BEST VIDEO ART IN A BAR: 2001-2008: "Donald O'Finn's feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages...” Crane's Business: ".. boisterous tavern—a hangout for artists..and others since Prohibition..." Village Voice: "One of the 10 Best Bars in Brooklyn." "..hosts some of the city's most original readings & performances."

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