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Frandy "FlowBowie" Suero

Frandy E. Suero is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Boston MA. He was born in the Dominican Republic, where he had a humble upbringing. When he was 8 years old his family migrated to the U.S in search of a more fulfilling life and economic stability. Soon after he started attending the Boston public school system, Frandy began to draw, he loved the style of comic book art and Japanese Manga. Over the years he developed the ability to illustrate from his imagination and created unique style blending drawings,  he cut and pasted layers to make visually stunning works, with concepts that challenge societal norms and standards, which according to him, only serve to limit our experience. Frandy is not only an amazing artist but also a visionary and a leader among his peers. In order to fully grasp the kind of person he is, you need only to sit and converse with him. You will soon find that he has welcomed you into his world with an open heart and mind, truly a breath of fresh air. He is the recurring host of the monthly running Paint night at Dudley Cafe in the heart of Dudley Square, and the organizer of the Paint X parties throughout the Boston area. He hopes to soon expand his reach to New York City by leveraging his experience and resources. The expertise he has acquired by his own volition should serve as a testament to those who seek independence from a system that hinders their potential growth. His sole purpose in life is to inspire the people he meets throughout his journey. You can fallow Frandy's story online on social media. Go to FrandysueroArt or FrandysueroArt on Instagram.

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