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FRANCESCA JAMES, President of the non-profit, We Need Each Other Intuitive Wellness Coach, Energy Therapist, Author, Speaker

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We Need Each Other is a non-profit corporation with the sole mission of moving humankind from a place of historically constructed bias to mutual appreciation and togetherness by shedding Light through conscious conversations facilitated by Francesca James. 



Along with being an intuitive life coach, a speaker,  and an author, Francesca James is an energy therapist. It is through this work as an energy therapist that she came to understand oneness because everything is energy.  Everything vibrates.  What appears solid and still has particles that are in vibrational movement.  She says, "When I touch or hold my hand over a person, an animal, a rock, water, I feel it’s vibration. I feel the way that the energy is moving, or not moving. It is through this work that I had my aha moment realizing, there it is! There is the Oneness."



It is that awareness of Oneness that is desired to have at the forefront of every event in which "We Need Each Other" is involved.





Thank you for facilitating the evening last night. It was way more personally profound than I anticipated. 



I really enjoyed the event and had a great conversation with my partner afterward. ❣️


Thanks! A lot of love and open hearts. Enjoyed it!



Happy Sunday! Yesterday was inspiring!  Thank you...♥️


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