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Fourteen Black Men of Glynn, Inc.

THE FOUNDATION - The Fourteen Black Men of Glynn, Inc. (FBMG,Inc.) was incorporated July 23, 1990 and established the Torchbearers' Program as a "pilot" with the motto "Let's Keep the Fire Burning." The FBMG, Inc. has tax exemption status under Article 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  For program operations, the "Goal-Model" approach was adopted (incoming population- selected attitudinal and cognitive changes observed and outcome - evaluating and recording results). The program was designed, developed and implemented from 1990 - 1994 to demonstrate a community's response to the growing statistics targets: input - planned educational/cultural activities; output - activity delivery; attitudinal that reflected a disproportionate number of African-American males who represented the highest (proportionally) number of high school dropouts. Just as alarming was the statistics that reflected one out of every four African-American males aged 20-29 were either in prison, on probation or on parole.


PILOT TORCHBEARS PROGRAM -Twenty-one (21) African-American ninth grade males were selected from a pool of 140, and they became the "Dream Team." The core program included educational, cultural, social and spiritual activities aimed at inducing individual attitudinal and cognitive changes in the areas of education, authority, self-esteem, punctuality, social institutions, citizenship and the community. Fourteen of the twenty-one boys completed program. Of that number, two enlisted in the armed forces; one became a cadet at the Military Academy at West Point; one received a full athletic scholarship; and the FBMG, Inc. provided ten with tuition scholarships from 1994 - 1998.  Six of the fourteen earned bachelors degrees, all are gainfully employed, and none of the 21 have become statistics of the penal system.


EXPANDED TORCHBEARERS' PROGRAM - The four-year experience of operating the pilot reassured the FBMG, Inc. of the program's effectiveness.  The program was expanded to encompass a broader spectrum of the youth population, still using the "Goal-Model" approach, using a new program focus: Early Intervention and Dropout Prevention. Under the expanded program, the corporation: (1) fulfilled its commitment to the Dream Team; (2) established a partnership with and pledged assistance to College of Coastal Georgia's Minority Outreach Program, (1998) an intervention program which challenges under-achieving middle school students and interacts with parents in the educational and personal development of their children; (3) provided volunteers who work with other organizations in youth development programs; and (4) in general, provides adult male presence - so critically absent in the lives of too many youths. Program strategies: (1) SERVE by filling the void of adult male presence at every opportunity; (2) INTERVENE, using a direct approach with parents and promoting more effective involvement in the educational and developmental process of their youth - with a focus on enhancing reading skill; ENCOURAGE parents to become more directly involved with the school system and with each other; and (3) INTERACT in partnership with other organizations as TORCHBEARERS, "carrying messages of enlightenment" to those most at risk of dropping out.  In 2004, a CCG on-campus unit of the TORCHBEARERS was established to provide direct support to students enrolled there.

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