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If you're looking for the key to success, don't bother asking us. Just buy that new Tony Robbins' book on tape. We didn't make that $400m exit; can't tell you about the hand stitching on the new droptop Phantom; and probably won't see you over breakfast at Balthazar. We made mistakes...big ones...and at some point ran out of funding, let people go, and sold off what we could. There are awesome lessons to be learned from each of these big steaming piles of poo. So when you're done banging your head against the wall, come hang out, blow off some steam, and swap lessons from the trenches.


This group was founded on one simple principle: we all follow in sombody else's footsteps and there's a lot to be learned from the folks that came before us. The stories might not be as sexy as an IPO, but for anyone who's in the trenches trying to launch a product, raise financing, or grow a business, we provide a forum for veteran entrepreneurs to discuss real problems in a way that is constructive and educational. Our ongoing panel series interviews established entrepreneurs about their experiences. Learn from their failures so you can make a few of your own...



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