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For All Drinks

For All Drinks helps you discover delicious non-alcoholic drinks for leading a fun, healthy, and inclusive lifestyle. We are your go-to guide for learning about the latest non-alcoholic beer, wine, spirits, mocktails, CBD drinks, and more through our podcast, curated newsletter, events, and drink guides.

Subscribe to the For All Drinks Podcast (Apple, Spotify, Google, and other Apps) where host Marcos Salazar interviews founders of innovative non-alcoholic beverage companies, booze-free bar owners, expert bartenders and mixologists, and industry leaders sharing inspiring stories, insights and trends, as well as upcoming product releases. Life is too short to be spending money on non-alcoholic drinks that taste bad, are high in sugar, and unhealthy.

We all deserve alcohol-free beverages that are delicious, that we can enjoy with others to create meaningful experiences, and good for us! Whether you're looking to be healthier, are sober curious, or have quit booze all together, For All Drinks is your central resource for everything non-alcoholic beverages so you can save you time and money in finding your favorite booze-free drinks.

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