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Fontaine Palace

Fontaine Palace has 2 stages one inside 150 cap,  one outside partly under roof 350 cap and a lounge bar, 3 bars in total, down town New Orleans.
Louie Fontaine the owner  a Danish rock star has made the place fit for live music, the Fontaine palace is like jungle with lots of green plants, in the middle of a parking lot with only 1 building in the middle of it.
Fontaine Deli Snack Louie's own restaurant from Europe serves a wide menu of homemade food such as Scandiavian, Mexican, Pizza , Arab, Burger (from around the globe) , Vegan.
The Fontaine Palace also has BBQ on the mainstage open on weekends mostly
The are several patios in the complex for the ones in need to talk romance.

The live is everything from Salsa Reggae , Funk, Blues ,Heavy Rock , Sing & Song Writer.

Louie Fontaine has banned Hip Hop, when he bought the club it was a hip hop, now he is suffering from the rare decease Hopfobia simple got overloaded.



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