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The Institute for Corporate Responsibility was established at George Washington University in 2006 with a mission of fostering research, education, and outreach on the topic of corporate responsibility.  ICR houses four overlapping program areas: Business, Integirty, & Peace, Environmental Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Global Stakeholder Strategies.  ICR is designed to allow for in-depth, focused research in each of these program areas as well as to address what the leadership of ICR believes to be the central issue confronting corporations today.  That issue is the integration of various strands of corporate responsibility in order for corporations to be effective institutions accountable for the impact of their actions on shareholders, employees, customers, and other interested parties.


Founded by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and educational entrepreneur Michael Strong, FLOW is a non-profit corporation dedicated to “liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good,” and focusing it on the goals of sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, in our lifetime. FLOW advances its mission through three ongoing initiatives: Conscious Capitalism®, Peace Through Commerce®, and Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs™.


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