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Page Content is the official Adobe flash and flex expert community in Israel.
flashoo is a growing professionals community since 2002, among it's members belong some of the elite designers, developers and innovators in Israel dealing with RIA, flash, flex and many diverse technologies on a daily basis.
flashoo community serves as the main Hebrew knowledge base and online free flash and flex training campus that deals with development and design in Israel.
We provide free online training and organize community events for training, enriching and spreading flash and flex technology across Israel.
flashoo prmote the use of open source, encourage for open mind, knowledge sharing, collaboration, creative solutions.

Flashoo is a not-for-profit community for the promotion of Flash Developers and Designers in Israel. - A small but growing start-up, we love it when you use Wix to make your own fabulous websites and other Flash creations. And it's thanks to the support and feedback from users like you that Wix continues to evolve! Check out our blog to keep track of our latest news & features. Or get back to playing on

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