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Fit and Fabulous In Your 40's and 50's

A little information about Sarah and Fit and Fabulous in your 40's & 50's

Sarah's passion is in coaching people and company employees on how to get into the best shape they’ve ever been both Mentally and Physically. This is achieved by them understanding and mastering the 5M’s Principles that determine who we are.

But don’t worry; mastering the 5 M’s doesn’t involve convoluted theories about what you should and shouldn’t do to make it work.

Instead, she'll give you tried and tested real-world first-hand information in layman’s terms that you’ll instantly grasp and understand. No more psycho-babble or academic jargon that you could easily find on the internet anyway. You’ll quickly come to realize that once you’ve mastered the 5M’s, you can achieve the body you desire, the life you want, self-esteem, determination, courage, and confidence to be the best you can ever be.

Sarah's enthusiasm for fitness, mindset and visualization began at a very young age and has continued for the past 30 years of her professional and personal life. How to change one’s body and influence outcomes by changing your mindset through mediation and visualization has yielded extraordinary results for her, and it will for you too.

Born in New Zealand, Sarah's family was forever moving around due to her dads work commitments. At age 10, the family relocated to PNG, which really was the start of her travel bug and in 1985 she immigrated to Australia.

Pursing her IT career, Sarah also acquired her Nutrition and Fitness qualifications through ACHPER. She was still involved with Personal training, representing her Gymnasium in Physique Competitions and teaching Aerobics after hours. Sarah became serious about weight training and competed in Body Building competitions learning everything necessary to, build muscle, drop body fat and get into competition shape (which served her well for her body sculpting in later years). It was during this point that she discovered how allergies, foods and diet products impact your body and weight – a big learning curve that has enabled her throughout life to help other people with similar issues.

In 1989 she began working for Telecom (now Telstra) in their IT department, however they also asked her to be their Personal Trainer and fitness coach, which was a great opportunity to help train many people using her hard won qualifications and experience.

In 1992, Sarah took a redundancy package from Telstra to pursue her dream and back packed through West and Central Africa with her boyfriend at the time, for one year. She came out the other end unscathed, but a completely different person than that 26-year-old girl that began the journey.

That single year taught her many lessons about life - perseverance, self-preservation, a can-do attitude, self-esteem, taking control, never letting anyone tell her that it cannot be done to staring down Nigerian Police armed with Machine Guns wanting bribes.

Visualization & Meditation took a new turn once her and her boyfriend returned to Australia, where her visualizations and meditations became a reality. She landed a new job within a week, got the car of her dreams along with a new man in her life, who is now her husband.

In 1994, Sarah started her own Personal Training business in Sydney, training and coaching Professionals, Entrepreneurs, mums and people busy working for employers to get into shape by eating regularly and exercise.

In Christmas of 1995, her and her husband Mark cycled from Sydney to Brisbane, even though he had never trained for this. But never once did Mark say “I can’t do it”.  Why? Because he never thought he couldn’t.

In 1997 at age 32, Sarah entered her first Body Sculpting Competition with 12% body fat, weighing 52kg and looking ripped. Although she didn’t place, it was the experience that she had learned many years earlier and the journey to getting in that type of shape that reinforced her understanding of how the 5M’s work together to deliver amazing results.

In 1999 she co-founded her first IT Start Up, in 2004 she commenced her MBA studies and in 2005 relocated to the USA for the next 6 years with her husband.

Whilst in the USA setting up business, Sarah began training for Marathons and joined Golds Gym. She was personal training many people in her community, one of them who was a quadraplegic. In 2006, she  graduated from Swinburne Univeristy with an MBA (Honours), in 2009 she published her first book “Stop Blaming the Software - Corporate Profiling for IT Project Success” – based on her MBA Thesis. Whilst in the USA, Sarah and Mark ran many half marathons and marathons, kicked many goals and climbed many mountains.

Since leaving the USA in 2011, Sarah's passion for helping people to take control of their lives and get the body that they desire has been an ongoing burning ambition of hers.

Her and Mark have spent the past 4 years living in Bali during which time she has worked on the Fit & Fabulous Program but she also had the opportunity to work with a Restaurant to implement cultural, training and operational changes. Working with the staff on a daily basis, Sarah introduced them to meditations and visualizations, taught them new ideas and concepts to service & food. She introduced exercising and consistency to deliver results that you expect through to changing their mindset about customers which instantly resulted in many more customers through the door and increased sales at the register.

Sarah is looking forward to introducing the Fit and Fabulous program to Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada over the next few months and is excited to be heading back to Australia.

The Mind is a powerful asset -whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right.

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