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Fiona Robertson



Fiona Robertson the Body Renewer, health & fitness trained healer and coach with her specific skills in food and eating disorders.

Fiona gets to the heart of the matter with health, weight and physical symptoms, she changes the perceptions of nutrition, stress and weight management. She re-educates women how to eat again intuitively with nutrition counseling, to renew their bodies and how women can feel FREE and at peace in her body.



She strongly advocates listening to the body cue’s and messages (The psychology of eating - from cravings, persistent physical symptoms, metal over thinking, and repeated behaviors) to provide adequate fuel for her specific ‘Body Code’ type that will then maintain a healthy body she loves. 




Fiona Robertson the one and only “Body Whisperer” — is a teacher and up and coming to be best-selling author of ‘Girls just want to have Fun’, mother and all round personality, founder of the 2.2.2 and Feeling Priceless programs, the Home Detox Box (home detox kit) and Retreat Biarritz (the place to have time out and deep dive into becoming who you most want to become in the next phase of your life).