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We are like no other - endorsed by leading rabbanim, shadchanim and facilitators!
We are "Label-less" but with a serious hashkafa in mind; we are to the right of modern orthodox - which means that we are exclusively for women that “want” to cover their hair when they are married and men that “want” their wives to cover their hair too. AND we stretch across the board (to the right).
Simply put, this group has been created in order to help those people who really do not fit into the "modern" or "Yeshivish" crowd, but fall somewhere in between.  If you're Yeshivish, but would date someone a little to the left of where you are (as you may not be a typical Yeshivish person), this is the place for you too! On the other hand, if you would date modern people, then this event is most likely not for you (please be respectful of the organizers and other participants).  If you are more modern or even secular, feel free to send us an email & we will be happy to help find an event that is for you.
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