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Filomena Day, The SHIFT Coach

Once a CPA, Filomena Day has been helping individuals and businesses improve their financial life since 1970.  She now helps them improve their WHOLE life - their "books, "looks" and "outlooks", by coaching them to create the shift required to move them from where they are to where they want to be.  She likes to say that she is helping clients 'fill their bucket before they kick the bucket'.  


Because it is her core belief that "Shift Happens Initially From Thought", Filomena sees herself as a SHIFT coach and helps clients embrace the fundamental responsibility for all success, which lies with the holder of that thought to manifest it.  When it comes to what happens in one's personal or business life, she believes there are four kinds of people; those who see it happen before it happens (Visionaries), those who make it happen (Implementers), those who watch it happen (Spectators / Bystanders), and those who wonder what the *?%! just happened (Clueless). She believes that coaching assists a person to move beyond just the visualization of success. She helps them believe in it (and themselves), make it happen (with a support system), and make the shift toward a better day or end up wondering WT*?%! just happened to them! 


Contact her at or by cell (207) 777-3232 and begin your journey to MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN!

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