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Feminist Self-Defense with Rachel Piazza

Too often, self-defense courses are taught by big scary men, whose objective is to make you feel vulnerable. The message is, without learning and mastering their techniques, you are just asking to be assaulted.

My approach to “self-defense” is different. As a woman, I know that we don’t need to be reminded of our vulnerability. It’s something we sense everyday. Instead, my goal is to get participants to feel comfortable using their bodies in a powerful and assertive way. Feeling powerful can have a tangible impact on a person’s life – and ultimately their ability to defend themselves in a dangerous or threatening situation.

Participants enjoy a safe and fun environment, where they will never be made to feel responsible for an assault. The blame and shame always belongs to the perpetrator. Instead, participants learn effective moves that can become tools for living an empowered life. 

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