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Fastlane Entertainment is a company that was created for music networking and socializing with people who share similar and different lifestyles. The company was formed of lack of social activities in the area for adults. It has since expanded to the need for promoting and sponsoring shows, artists and community events. Like other companies  we  operate as a family we have brother and sister companies to we achieve success no matter what it takes and will not stop till are point is proven no matter how much we lose or how much we gain we are here to stay and we will not lose.


Mission to create an outlet for the society in a safe environment to socialize and network and meet other adults through out North America.


Services that are provided Promotion for events for high school, college and the community which also include social cravings within the community.


Sponsors up and coming artists and events that showcase their talents, creativity and social interacting needs.


Manages the financial work and provides services to artists, company, group etc on the main stream level.


Youth Outlook is to provide inner city kids with an outlet and forum to express their self in a positive environment where they can have fun and interact with their peers from all over the city.



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