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Farmer Joe Terry

There are many ways to contribute in this world. My life with computers has been amazing and wonderful. I've seen the dawn of an industry that has affected every aspect of our lives.

Now a new chapter as an Urban Farmer is my calling and my mission.

What are Microgreens? Any edible plant, seed-to-harvest ... 30 days or less. And beyond the flavor, tenderness, and color there's the nutritional surprise.

One ounce of Broccoli Microgreens is as nutritious as 1 and 1/2 pounds of mature Broccoli florets. That's a 27-to-1 ratio.

I've found my new Super-Tech. Young, organic plants harvested at their most dynamic and explosive growth phase.

I want to change lives through the food they eat.

I've been working professionally as an engineer or programmer since the year the IBM PC was first announced -- 1981. I began working in Cobol and then quickly gravitated to microcomputers ... using either assembly or BASIC writing games for the Atari 400/800, The TI 99/4a, The TRS "trash" 80 and of course, the Apple ][e.

Then moving from Chicago to California, I began to work for several large companies including Burroughs/Unisys, Manhattan Software, Three D Graphics, and eventually in 1999 landing a position as a Research Analyst reporting directly to the CTO, John Resner of GeoCities.

I have a passion that I bring to all of my work whether Computers or Art ... or Farming ... that I believe everyone that knows me can feel.

Specialties: All aspects of software development and planning using Java, PHP, Adobe Flex, the language Actionscript 3.0 and the AIR platform. Database solutions include MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

All that computer stuff ... Now, Urban Farming. Check us out ... ... Refer us to a Chef near you ... in Los Angeles !!

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