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Farm Field Table | Your Local Butcher

When Michigan’s most acclaimed chefs want a cut of meat that will make their customers fall back in their chairs, we’re the name they call. That’s because we’re not mere suppliers; we’re collaborators. We speak the language of the kitchen because that’s where our quest began.

Our award-winning restaurant, The Mulefoot may be a gastropub to our guests, but to us, it’s a test kitchen. It’s where we mix and match preparations, cuts, and recipes until we find the perfect combination for the chefs we serve. 

Flavor: our tireless pursuit.

We seek out small family farms, the ones where the animals have names and the farmers have standards no level of certification could begin to quantify. Some raise just ten pigs at a time, none use antibiotics, and all operate with a dedication to quality that you’ll taste in every mouth-watering bite.

Nature’s finest cuts from whole animals.

Not everyone knows that hidden amidst a cow’s tough heel muscles is a single, perfectly grained, incredibly tender muscle called the Merlot Cut. Or that the obscure Leg Filet is among the juiciest and most versatile cuts of pork on the entire animal. Or that the Spinalis is undoubtedly the finest piece of beef on a cow.  But we do. We explore the full palette of textures and flavors that nature provides, supplying our chefs with flavor and variety not found anywhere else.

Farms as familiar as the palm of our hand.

100% of our farmers call Michigan home. We could even show you their locations on the palms of our hands. Many of them are like family to us. We’ve toured their farms, met their children, and watched them nourish their animals with pride.

Plus, we speak their language; tending to our own family farm has put dirt on our hands and discernment in our partnerships. We know what quality looks like, and understand what it requires.

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