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Fancy Girl Tea Parties, Crafts and Bling LLC

Fancy Girl Tea Parties Crafts and Bling LLC

Girls of all ages, and their family are invited to attend a variety of themed tea parties held in Northern Virginia locations. Creative themed Tea Parties, allow girls and guests to put their social and creative skills to work, while bonding with family and friends.


Private Tea Party Packages​- We Bring the Tea Party to You!

Girl and Girl Scout Educational, Crafts, Life Skill and Badge Work Programs


 Fancy Girl Tea Parties Crafts & Bling LLC, created by Girl Scout leader turned entrepreneur.  Jamal Frangie Rubeiz (MsJ)

All those years as a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, School, PTA, Football/Cheer team volunteer has bought out her love for creating, planning and running memorable themed parties and programs.


 "My daughter and I love tea parties and have talked, crafted and bonded over them. I hope you discover our love for tea parties!" Jamal (MsJ)


Girl Power in Action!= Girl Scout of the Nation's Capital Community Program Partner + Girl Scout Leader/Owner + Girl Scout Employees+ Girl Scout Discounts and Badges

Fancy Girl Tea Parties, Crafts & Bling LLC

Fancy Girl Manor, 2839 Maple Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031

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