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Sign up to get early notifications about future events: is a free and open source JavaScript development framework back by a host of cloud services. is currently in private beta and about to launch into open beta to over 60,000 developers. enables application developers to build beautiful native speed based apps and games in HTML5 that take advantage of' 3D rendering, 3D physics, multi-screen and gesture engines. Designers can access the motion via the physics engine without coding, application developers can build quickly using app templates and widgets without worrying about performance and platform engineers can build their own primitives from scratch with direct source code access to the full power of the engines.

TECHNOLOGY has build a JS library capable of rendering to HTML, Canvas and WebGL. It is powered by 4 core engines:

1) a 3D rendering engine 
2) a 3D physics engine 
3) a gesture engine 
4) a multi-view engine

Wrapped around these engines is the API layer that enables developers to quickly and easily build native quality apps and games.

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