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Faithful Deeds Foundation

As of January 2015, F.A.C.E I.T. has decided to change it's name to Faithful Deeds Foundation. The reason for the change is so that our name can truly reflect who we are and what we stand for. Although we will still continue to advocate for different causes, we also wanted away to incorporate our first love which is Charity. As Faithful Deeds, we can advocate, give back , and spread the love of God all at the same time. Faithful Deeds is the name that God placed on our founders heart and our slogan is "No More Broken Promises". This slogan stems from all the people in need that depend on others like us to donate items, money, and time to them. 

Everybody has has experiences with broken promises and we are sure can still remember how it felt to have a promise made to them and then broken, but think of how it is for those in need that have no choice at this point, but to relay on promises. We want to bring healing, but staying true and committing to what we say we are going to do and that is where the name Faithful Deeds means.


To restore the hope of the broken by committing faithful deeds. 


A world where we use our faith and our deeds together in order to unbreak broken promises to those in need. 



EMBRACE(embracing the needs of others)
EMPOWER(empowering those that face certain causes)
ENCOURAGE(encouraging those who face these causes as well as encouraging those who do not to gain knowledge about these particular causes).
INFORM(inform communities about the importance of knowing about these causes)
UPLIFT(Uplift peoples spirits by doing everything out of love).

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