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F3’s Mission is to Plant, Serve and Grow men’s small workout groups in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

F3/Third is one way we Serve.

The idea for F3/Third comes from two places:

First, there is the F3 core value of Living Third.

A man’s maker is first, his community is second and he is third. Within F3 you hear this value expressed as I Am Third or IM3.

Second, THIRD refers to the path between MyWay and YourWay.

By the the time a man is old enough to take a legal drink he has formed a body of thoughts, beliefs and values that he views consciously or otherwise as his MyWay.

When a man launches into the world he encounters other men with contradicting MyWays, which he sees as YourWays. Given only two choices, we all come to believe in our own MyWay as the right way and every other YourWay as the wrong way.

F3 offers a third choice, what we call F3/Third.

WE recognize that every man should have a MyWay. What would a man be without a body of thoughts, beliefs and values to which he is committed?

WE presume that each man has come to his own MyWay just as honestly as every other man.

WE don’t ask any man to abandon his MyWay. F3 has core principles that a man is asked to observe. He doesn’t have to agree.

WE don’t focus on the minute points of disagreement between MyWays. Instead, we look to vast swatch of ground upon which they likely agree.

WE Live THIRD, seeking to be peacemakers rather than fomenting strife between factions. THIRD means having principles but being respectful of a Brother who disagrees.

F3/Third has two components: 

The COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION is how we share what we have learned about male community leadership. Santini from F3/Fort is the Q. Contact him on Twitter @cscornwell.

The WHETSTONE is F3’s mentorship program, what we use to help men sharpen men as iron sharpens iron. Stinger from F3/Metro is the Q. Contact him @Stinger_F3 or submit your interest to get involved here.

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