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Executive Chef, Dashon of LaShon's Catering Specialists

 Executive Chef Dashon of LaShon’s Catering Specialists, have been cooking professionally since 1996.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, Chef Dashon was given many opportunities to experience wonderful food from different cultures, providing him with a unique palate and surmounted style and skill.  Like many other chefs of the present day, Chef Dashon experienced the exceedingly pleasing taste of various cultures and the varying perspective of different cooking styles.  These experiences helped shape Chef Dashon's love for food. 

Chef Dashon graduated from the International Culinary Academy in Pittsburgh, PA in 1999, earning a degree in Culinary Arts and Specialized Technology, specializing in food sanitation, quality service, and presentation.  Chef Dashon is also ServSafe Certified through Sysco's Food Safety Training Program.

Chef Dashon continues to amaze his clientele, receiving most of his business through wod-of-mouth.  He believes that quality service comes from a great chef, with professional staff, appealing presentation, and impeccable food.


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