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Evangeline Weiss and Kari Points

Evangeline Weiss I am a white queer anti-racist social change instigator with a twinkle in my eye. With over 18 years of organizational development experience, I facilitate values-based capacity building to sustain leaders and organizations on a path towards greater wholeness, intentionality and purpose. After earning a Masters’ degree in educational policy studies, I have facilitated change in social service organizations, social justice coalitions and non-profits, as well as institutions of higher education. I am an artist and a poet, a community builder and a justice worker. I live in Greensboro, NC with my beloved soulmate and 12 year old son, and our most adorable dog, Sherlock.


Kari Points  I’m a white Durham-based dyke who was raised working class in rural Southern Indiana. A member of the national Leadership Team of Showing Up for Racial Justice, I work on racial and economic justice and reproductive and sexual health, rights and justice locally, regionally, nationally and around the world. I believe we as white folks can and must free ourselves from internalized white supremacy, build mutual interest with people of color, and organize for collective liberation.





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