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Escapades Publications

Escapades and its sister publication E 4 Kids is a digital and hard copy magazine for youth and adults to help in learning about various careers and job skills it takes to land a job and how to keep the job. Learn what it takes to be a music executive, a movie director, and any other career field you can think of. Learn what it takes in education, personality, and skills to be the best it takes in all types of careers from the people directly in the field you want to be in. In Escapades learn what it takes to help your child make a career decision and also what it takes for an adult/parent to continue their career.

Escapades Magazine will focus on all industries from A to Z and will have interviews from industry leaders, employees, and executives. Escapades magazine will also have information directly from industry leaders discussing how to prepare for entering their specific industries and how to advance in the perspective industries.

E 4 Kids Magazine will focus on industries directly of interest with in the teen culture such as entertainment, fashion, sports, and video gaming. These are the industries that youth are looking at for role models and interaction so E 4 Kids Magazine will give them the insight of the industry careers from the people directly in the industry. Also, E 4 Kids will be written partially by youth whereas youth will actually be handling the interviewing of the industry guests.

Escapades and E 4 Kids Magazine is not only a mentoring tool but also a learning tool for youth in order to develop skills and knowledge in the area of journalism. Youth will learn how to develop skills in interviewing, writing, publishing, marketing, and broadcasting of a digital/hard copy magazine. Youth will also learn skills in time management, deadline setting and meeting. Youth will also learn how to arrange meetings and run staff meeting and setting assignments for the purpose of learning leadership skills.

Escapades Publications would like to welcome their newest magazine to its family of publications. WBTH – We Built This House is all about House Music in Escapades Publications unique format. Read interviews from DJ’s, producers, event planners, and even the fans regarding the history of house music how it has effected them, how to succeed in the music industry as a DJ. Find out where House music is being planned worldwide and discover the different genres of house music. Also as we will learn the pioneers of house music such as Frankie Knuckles and various others.

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