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Erin Fair Lamberte

Erin attended her first Denver Post Coupon Workshop in October 2012, and she hasn't stopped couponing since! By combining sales with coupons, she has dramatically cut down both money and time spent grocery shopping, with savings averaging 75%. Since becoming a new mother September 2016, Erin loves to disprove the belief that saving money takes tons of time. (Because ain't nobody got time for that!)


As an Authorized Couponing Instructor and Manager, Erin enjoys working closely with TLC's Extreme Couponing star Shannon Jones to show others how to coupon and save their family at least 50% on their grocery bill every single week. And she loves to teach each and every class with humor, sassy fun, and free giveaways! 



Recent Comments:

"You have a fun energy and are for sure good at what you do! Thanks for teaching us about your passion!"

-MOPS at West Bowles Church


"I’m glad that you are able to provide such a wonderful informational class to our community using our libraries!"
-Woodbury Branch, Denver Library
"Thank you so much for taking your time to come out and teach everyone how to save money.  I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it as much as we all did.
-Case Manager for Family Rescue Ministry

"You are GOOD at what you do!"

"Wow. THAT...was hilarious."

-various coupon class attendees


"Great tips! Thank you for sharing." (re: money-saving tips shared on clubs Facebook page)

-Colorado Columbines Women's Running Club


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