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EquityFirst and The Citizens for Fair & Equitable School Funding

Equity First’s mission is to raise awareness of the current unfair practice of funding Pennsylvania’s school districts and promote a funding strategy that ensures accountability, transparency, and predictability.

The 2018 #CivilFundingWar Battle Plan to End School Funding Discrimination:

  1. Effective immediately, the State Budget shall distribute 100% of funding through the bipartisan funding formulas for Basic Education and Special Education for all students.
  2. No overfunded school districts shall receive any new state funding until all school districts are fully-funded through the bipartisan-adopted funding formulas for Basic Education and Special Education.
  3. Establish the School District Consolidation Fund to encourage the efficient consolidation of school districts.
  4. Cap the Fund Balance and Reserve Fund account balances at 18%.
  5. Establish a Cost Savings Commission to scrutinize all K-12 spending to implement cost-saving strategies.

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