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Engaged Well-Being (EWB)

Alex has been a full-fledged CHG (Certified Health Geek) since 1998. He’s a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a speaker and author. Throughout the years he has gained extensive knowledge and practice in various assessment methods, healthy lifestyle and exercise program design, therapeutic dietary and lifestyle protocols, stress reduction, hormonal balancing, post-rehab, postural correction, different forms of yoga and meditation, martial arts, and recreational athletic conditioning. Alex's clients have been as diverse as his background, achieving goals in the different areas of weight loss, healthy eating, greater energy and mojo, sleep, general fitness, performance and overall well-being. He has helped hundreds of people to live healthier and more robust lives and won’t stop until he’s reached millions!

His secret for this widespread success is his strong desire to help people, as well as his love of learning, which has caused an intellectual thirst that can never be quenched. As a life-long student he has learned from some of the world’s best and uses all that he learns in the service of his clients. Alex regards himself as a health detective, because of his investigative ability to get to the root cause of different health issues. As a committed well-being practitioner he does his best to ensure that his client’s goals and needs are fully met. His passion for the field has produced some extraordinary results for individuals, couples and families. In the end, the results speak for themselves.

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