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EmpowerSurvivors - Elizabeth Sullivan

EmpowerSurvivors is a peer led 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse on their healing journey's. We believe there is great healing that comes from bringing survivors of childhood sexual abuse together to support one another, learn and grow. 

EmpowerSurvivors was founded in 2014 by Elizabeth Sulivan who is herself an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Elizabeth saw a need for safe spaces where survivors can come together, break their silences, find resources, gather support, learn how the abuse affected them, and find healing. 

EmpowerSurvivors is not led by professionals but rather survivors with the lived experience of going from victim, to survivor, to thriver.There is a great energy when you get survivors together and for survivors that come to a EmpowerSurvivors group or event they will find that they fit right in.

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