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Empathy for Everyone

Empathy for Everyone aids interpersonal connections through creating a space of emotional safety where individuals can give and receive empathy through active listening. To achieve this vision, we employ strategies from the Imago Dialogue (part of Imago Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt) and Nonviolent Communication (developed by Marshall Rosenberg), although we are open to other effective strategies as needed. We seek individuals of all ages and backgrounds who desire to improve their cognitive empathy (understanding what another person feels) and emotional empathy (feeling what another person feels) with themselves and others through practice.


Disclaimer - None of the group organizers have any formal training in psychology or psychiatry, and thus your participation is not a substitute for therapy with a trained professional. We are not offering professional advice, just trying to provide empathy as well as we can with our layperson understanding.


You are welcome to check out our public Google Drive directory for more information and empathy-related resources.

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