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Embrace Growth LLC

Embrace Growth’s name presupposes growth as not only possible but inevitable and implies that you could possibly embrace it. Embrace Growth is a suggestion as well as an embedded command signaling the mind to accept and embrace life’s challenges as an opportunity for growth with and beyond them.

We are a unique Los Angeles based enterprise serving the personal development needs of thousands of people across the world through an integrated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual technology. We work one on one privately and with groups through seminars, workshops, TV shows, telephone, Skype and telex conferencing.

We produce audiovisual products, Books, CDs, DVDs and downloadable products that transform lives, communities and relationships.


We motivate and inspire students to live to their fullest potential and fulfill their highest purpose.

Our students learn to not only absorb information from the outer senses with heightened awareness and increased sensitivity but by accessing and utilizing their own inner knowledge, wisdom and creativity.

People from all walks of life have taken our programs and achieved results beyond their highest expectations. Doctors, Lawyers, homemakers, teachers, troubled teens and parents, battered and abused women; husbands, fathers and businessmen are amongst the clients we have served over the last ten years.


The variety of physical and mental conditions and issues we have helped our clients to completely eradicate is too extensive to list.

A partial scope includes:

·       Relationship issues

·       Depression

·       Phobias

·       Weight loss

·       Smoking

·       Addictions – drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders

·       Indecision

·       Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·       Stammering

·       Travel sickness

·       Insomnia

·       Marriage selection

·       Divorce

·       Infidelity

·       Sexual abuse

We create innovative programs that include TV shows, Private Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Seminars, Workshops, Books, CDs and DVDs.

A sample of the program titles:

  • 12 Stages of Romantic Relationship
  • Legacy of Love
  • Unfinished Business,
  • Confidence is Sexy
  • How to love a Woman
  • How to love a Man
  • Dating for Marriage
  • Enlightened Romance
  • Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
  • Let’s Talk about Love
  • Honorable Men – Adorable Women
  • HIM - Honor, Integrity & Mastery
  • Addictive Love, Ruthless Compassion
  • A Father’s Love
  • The Art of Listening
  • Opposites Attract – Then What?
  • Girl Talk
  • Men & Marriage


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