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CONSPIRACY OF CREDIT - author Corey P. Smith (Key Note Speaker)

The conspiracy of credit is a must read.It contains the most raw and comprehesive information you will ever find on credit. If you ever wondered,why the credit bureaus wantt you to have bad credit or why credit is for poor people ?This book will shock you with answers. Conspiracy of credit explains why identity thief is nothing more than a new product credited by the credit bureaus and banks to make money.

This book will breakdown the reason behind retail and grocery store loyality cards as well as the use of re-idenetification software.The speed of light money age is here and never before any book provided a blueprint for the future of credit and banking.

GAMERS......learn about .........'RICH DAD.....POOR DAD'

CASHFLOW The Investing Game. Based on the original board game proclaimed as "Monopoly on steroids" by USA Today, learn what it takes to build real wealth - 

GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE..........JOIN US!  February 16-17, 2018 ...  The CREDIT INVESTOR GROUPS are blueprinting a change in our future way of life with BUSINESS CREDIT....learn how.

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