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Elsa Winterkorn

Hi there:

I'd like to share with you how I use Send Out Cards in my business.

I am a home based spa Sole-istic Touch

I provide holistic services, and with all of my clients I set up medical release form, with this info I am not only able to send them a thank you card after their first service with me thanking them for choosing me to be their service provider, I am also able to send them birthday cards.  This system allows me to upload 10,000 contacts at once, it keeps track of the birthdays and flags me 2 weeks prior to their special day to send them a card.

I love putting smiles on peoples faces as I know I am touching their hearts at the same time.  Appreciation goes a long way in life not just business but in personal as well.

In a quick moment I can send a condolence card, I never miss a beat in saying congrats on your new job, or high five some ones succress personal or otherwise.  My life is more blessed knowing I can make a small difference in someones day but just sending out a simple card showing that someone thought of them that day.  Very blessed to have found this company and do not see my world without this in it.  My spa business and my card business go hand in hand.  Namaste thank you for reading this I hope the universe can surprise you too.  

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