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Elizabeth A. Baker

Elizabeth A. Baker is a composer and pianist, who studied with Steinway Artist Dr. Luis Sanchez and currently studies with Jeff Donovick. Her mentors include concert pianist Rebecca Penneys and composer Dr. Vernon Taranto. Emmy-award-winning composer Larry Groupé has referred to her work as “Perfect.” She also studied music technology, studio recording techniques, and mixing with mastering engineer Dave Greenberg. As a performer and recording artist she has become known for her “terrifying dynamic range,” cleanliness of sound, as well as unique sensitivity and ability to sculpt her performance for the acoustics of a space. This understanding carries over into her compositions, making for a spatial and auditory experience of music. On the technical side, she has received a great deal of praise for her high quality production and attention to detail. Her recording of her work Three Aspects of Art As An Allegory was named Best Audio Production at St. Petersburg College in Fall 2012. Elizabeth is dedicated to promoting the performance and recording of new music especially to those communities for whom premieres as well as concerts of rare works are few and far between.

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