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The Group of Elite Bar Crawls brings you an unforgettable themed bar crawl experience. Our goal is to not only give you great theme parties at multiple venues but to help you avoid the negative in and out bar experiences you may face. Let us elaborate, the negative in and out bar experience is when you take two steps into the bar, look around realize this is lame and walk out. This group is together to ensure that you know what you are stepping into at every venue and the drinks, food and shot specials you will be receiving. The larger we become the more memories we create and share in the recovery days to come.

To ease our hangovers the following day, A portion of our profits is given back to the communities we serve. You can help decide where the money from your purchase goes, by choosing a recipient category. If you know of a specific charity that you would like to see added to our list, please submit above the payment section at check out! 

Now let’s toast to good times, good themes and most importantly good drinks!

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