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Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching

Author and award-winning parent educator, Elisabeth Stitt founded Joyful Parenting Coaching to give parents the information they need to be effective.  She knows that too many parents are coming to parenting with no prior experience:  They don't have younger siblings; they haven't babysat; and they haven't even played out on the street with multi-aged neighborhood kids.  On top of that, the traditional supports that used to be there--one's own parents and extended family--are not there any more.  Parents suffer because they think good parenting is inherent, but it is not. It is a skill: It can be taught, learned and practiced. Traditionally we did that under the tutelage of family and neighbors. Today with work demanding so much, people don’t have time to gather and talk parenting casually. That is why parents have to be proactive about engaging with parent education and coaching.


Elisabeth is not only a mother herself, in 25 years she taught more than 3000 students. That means she has seen it all—all kinds of kids, all kinds of parents and all kinds of families. She believes 100% in an individual’s capacity for growth—whether that is the child learning new skills or the parent learning to be patient. She is highly creative about finding the solution that will work just right for your family.


In her work, Elisabeth focuses on the big picture: setting up systems and routines that make daily life smooth, finding the balance between warm connections and high expectations, the impact of children’s individual ages and stages and balancing the needs of each family member.


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