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Elijah Consulting Pte Ltd

Elijah Consulting aims to meet the needs of business enterprises in two broad areas:

  •  Identification/ creation of customer needs and wants, creating appetite.
  •  Actualization of those same needs and wants, delivering desired value.

From those two broad areas, the specific areas business enterprises seek partnerships in are:

  • Raison d’etre. Who am I (the business enterprise)? Why do I exist? What will I become? What should I become?
  • Who is my customer? How do I make my customer successful?
  • Actualization of strategy. How can I actually implement what I set out to do?
  • Organizational growth. In quality, relevance and desirability, not numbers.
  • Resource acquisition, planning and allocation. How do I optimize this?
  • Establishing a sustainable character and leadership development framework in my organization. Regardless of framework.
  • Marketing. An Attitude and a Posture, not just a Division.
  • Innovation versus Optimization? Two sides of the same coin.

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