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Eleni Vardaki

I've led various Confidence Training Workshops over the last three years, and it never ceases to amaze me how similar we all are.

From a high-achieving 12-year-old child to an inspiring 70-year-old participant (and everyone in between), I noticed that we all have room for growth, when it comes to self-esteem.



I think it's partly got to do with the fact that most of the education we got in mainstream education, and as employees in the workforce, was cerebral. And what education there is on emotional intelligence is often rather basic - and (unfortunately) relatively under-valued, compared to the value ascribed to logic-based knowledge and academic knowledge. Yet to re-gain our confidence after going through a hard time (or even to develop it enough to try out interesting new things and get out of our 'comfort zone') requires a different kind of work to that which mainstream education values. It requires emotional work. 

It gives me great joy, along with a sense of meaning and purpose, to continue offering my confidence training services to people who want to challenge themselves in new ways and who care about making positive changes in their life.

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