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Eleanor Shannon

Course leader, Eleanor Shannon of Uncorked in Italy, originally came to Italy in 2004 to teach in an academic honors program for Italian university students. She experienced her own "uncorking" through training to become a certified wine sommelier, meeting organic and biodynamic winegrowers, tasting their wines, starting to write about her experiences, taking courses in yoga, dance and meditation, founding her own blog, and living daily life in Italy.

"I was striding along in my goal-oriented way wearing sensible shoes when everything shifted. I had academic degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard, had raised three children, and was in a dream job teaching university students. But I was suffering from intense back pain and self doubt.  My seemingly ideal life was not what it seemed. Just as my children were leaving the nest, my marriage fell apart. 

Living alone in Italy felt scary at times, but it was also a blank slate and a new beginning. I had the opportunity to learn to trust try new things and see new let go of perfectionism and performance in favor of experiencing life fully...all of it...the messy and the beautiful.

Learning about wine, especially the authenticity of organic and natural wine, was one of my ways way in. Wine led me out of the abstract and intellectual regions of my brain and into my senses. It led me to the soil, to Nature and to agricultural traditions going back thousands of years. It has also led me winegrowers, who have inspired me, and to other artisans...cheese, bread, olive oil, pasta, etc.."

Fluent in Italian and living in Italy, Eleanor offers unique access to experiencing Italy in an authentic way.





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