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El Poder de Ser Mujer

During the past tree years, El Poder de Ser Mujer has organized more than 22 series of entrepreneurship workshops for Latina women in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Each workshop series has included an average of 16 hours of intensive training and capacity building for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. More than 570  women have participated in these workshops, receiving certificates of completion. 
As a result of these entrepreneurship workshops, dozens of Latina women have taken significant steps towards advancing their businesses in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. These women have succeeded in registering their businesses, creating business plans, obtaining low-interest business loans, and learning how to comply with legal requirements and how to develop marketing strategies.
A critical component of our program -- and a key to our success -- is that we provide holistic support for Latina women, offering advice, guidance and emotional support beyond theclassroom and the curricula of our workshops. We also provide entrepreneurial development opportunities to women who participate in our program. We organize dozens of events per year where women participating in our workshops can showcase their products and services free of charge, building their client base and enabling them to further enhance their skills and contacts. We have also supported creation of a women's network of entrepreneurs for graduates of our workshops, which builds the capacity of these women entrepreneurs to share lessons learned and build alliances with one another.

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