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Eileen Kramer Downes

Eileen Downes is a Life Trainer for women.  Her true passion is to help women take charge of their inner and outer wellbeing so they become empowered and strong enough to manage all areas of life with ease and grace.   She knows from her own growth and development in these areas, that life responds to you in exact proportion to your inner environment.  She helps you get outside of the pain, problems and challenges of life and move you into the highest vision for your life where all the power and presence of life reside.  This movement will give you a sense of possibility leaving you feeling hopeful and enthusiastic towards life.  You will also have the ability to see the bigger picture no matter what the conditions appear to be and the insight to trust the expansive path before you.  If you are a student of the law of attraction or want to learn how to become a deliberate creator and manfiest the life you truly desire, then you will want to attend this workshop.  Start your year off strong with a powerful vision.    


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