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Egbe Sekere of Atlanta


Egbe Sekere of Atlanta is the brainchild of Iya Yeye Olori Oriyomi,"Ma'Ye", best known as the Sekere Woman of Atlanta. She is a Yoruba Priestess who has traveled throughout the U.S. and Africa as a Sekere percussionist, educator, performing artist, playwright and dance/theatre instructor.

Sekere (Shay-ka-ray) is an African hand dpercussive instrument made from a gourd strung with Beads, nuts, shells or seeds.Today, Sekeres are played in bands, drum circles, parades, choirs, worship celebrations, live concerts and festivals all over the world. (CHEKERE/SHEKERE)

Egbe Sekere of Atlanta is dedicated to the celebration of life and preservation of cultural traditions among all people from the Diaspora. The music of the Sekere is known to have a positive, healing effect and it is often used for praise and celebration throughout the world. Sekeres has a history, a language and voice in the genres of conga, agogo bell, talking drum and djundjun families found in West Africa and the Caribbean Islands.

Egbe Sekere of Atlanta is an affirmation in ACTION.Our mission is to create great Sekere music as a tool of enlightenment to unify, then solidify our communities. Egbe Sekere of Atlanta is a call for the local and global world to pay attention and take action to keep the ARTS in our educational systems. Our goal is to encourage humanity to live in the positive realm of tomorrow by joining together today in the spirit of peace, love and life.

If anyone is interested in training and/or supporting Egbe Sekere of Atlanta, please feel free to contact Mama Yeye after the performance. Egbe Sekere of Atlanta is available for performances, youth and adult workshops (schools, churches, community centers, etc.) and private tutoring.

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