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EFL Seminars - Upcoming Courses and Events

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Our focus is on a field of study known as Ontological Design. Ontological education combines linguistics, philosophy, and biology in order for us to better understand human communication and the way people actually behave. The underlying reason people behave the way they do comes from the intersection of their moods and emotions, language and communication, and physical body. We call this the way of being.

Our ontological coaches are experts, skilled in observing human language and belief systems. Individuals can see different possibilities and create new ways of being for themselves. Our coaches provide a hands-on, experiential educational atmosphere where true breakthroughs can and do occur. This is a type of education that isn t taught in schools although we think it should be.

Our courses are about educating you to become aware of your own use of language and beliefs tools most of us have been using automatically our entire lives. By better understanding your language and beliefs you will live, communicate and work more effectively.

Education for Living Seminars, Inc. was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1985 and today, the company remains dedicated to innovation in ontological education.

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