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Educational Playcare

Our Philosophy: Play is the Work of Children

Today, the importance of positive childhood experiences, starting from infancy, and their relation to future success in life is universally understood. It wasn’t so back in 1986 when Founder and President, Jane Porterfield completed her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Child care options at that time were basically glorified babysitting with little in the way of an educational component. Jane wanted to be different. She wanted to provide children and families with an experience that would be both fun AND educational.

When Jane considered a name for her new child care business that year, she thought about the importance of play in order for learning to take place. (She was years ahead of her time as today play based learning in universally recognized as the most developmentally correct approach.) She also knew the importance of providing a nurturing, secure, joyful, and stimulating environment. And so Educational Playcare was born.

Children learn best through direct experience. We believe that this direct experience is best gained through play, for play is the work of children. It is through play that children develop concepts about themselves and the world around them. Our goal is to provide the ideal environment to support the “work” of children.

Our philosophy encompasses more than just the care that we provide to the children. It’s also about the service that we provide to our families and the experience that we provide to our employees. It’s best summed up in our mission statements:

Our Families
“Our mission is to provide the children in our care with the highest quality developmental and educational programs in a nurturing, safe, and supportive environment and to facilitate and enrich the childcare experience of our families.”

Our Employees
“Our mission is to provide our employees with the highest quality workplace environment possible. We seek to provide our employees with the equipment, materials, and training to be among the finest providers of care for young children. Finally, we seek to provide each one with the opportunities to achieve his or her career goals in the field of Early Childhood Education.”

The Happy Family Guarantee means that we are so sure that you will love your experience with us that if at any time during your first 30 days of enrollment you wish to leave to attend another center, we’ll refund your money…no questions asked!

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